Unicorn Princess

There’s no doubt your little ones will like Unicorn Princess. Inviting her into their birthday party would be a great idea to turn it into a spectacular event.

Unicorn Princess is a young animated girl who travels between the real and dream worlds for the sake of giving a hand to her friend, Unica. Relating her story to children is a nice idea, for they can learn sacrifice and affection to their friends and family.

Our character loves attending birthday parties. She begins by a Meet and Greet activity. She welcomes attendees with a smile from cheek to cheek. Then, she starts by playing games with children. One of these games is the popular game Hide and Seek. Another game is the Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Our character blindfolds the children’s eyes, draws a donkey without a tail on the wall, and asks children to pin a tail on the donkey. The one who successfully pins it is the winner. See how experienced and creative Unicorn Princess is

Then comes the Bubble Wrap Race. This activity is fun and is good for children over 3. By rolling a huge sheet of bubble wrap on the floor, our character asks kids to stump over the sheet, trying not to pop the bubbles it contains. The child who crosses the sheet with no single bubble popped will be considered the winner.

Not just that, but there are many other activities and games our Pirate Fairy character is well trained to carry out, such as face painting and Pass the Parcel and Wand Making activities.

If your child is a fan of Rosetta, never deprive them of meeting her in person. Contact us now and book her right away!

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Princess Party Activities

Loaded with fun and engaging activities for all of the children, we make every party unforgettable for your child!

Activities listed here are only an example of what may or may not be included at your event. Party activities are at the discretion of the performer.

Grand Entrance

The princess of your choice will make a royal entrance to the party! Have your camera ready to capture your child’s reaction when they first see their princess!

Interactive Storytime

Our princess will gather the children for an interactive story as she recounts her adventures and experiences!


Watch and record as we serenade the birthday child and all their guests with songs from their world/theme!

Princess Training

Your child will learn how to walk, talk and act like a princess. Who better to show them than the princess herself!

Face Painting

Our princess will paint simple designs, with a dash of glitter, on any child who would like one!

Birthday Ceremony / Photos

We wrap up the party by having our princess lead the Happy Birthday song and cake cutting–then take plenty of photos!

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